Friday, August 31, 2007

Devilishly handsome, gentleman skier...

So next month my good friends at Backcountry magazine have been so kind to feature a small profile about me in their contributor section of the magazine.  For those of you that are not familiar with the section, I get to write a 100 word paragraph about myself and include a portrait.  No time to be serious about this.  I quickly knew it would involve an over the top photo and at least one mention of cold martini's.  The writing part took a while, but with a little help from my attorney/writer friend Kirk, we got it done.  You will have to go out and get a copy to read the paragraph, but I'll give you a little preview.  It starts out, "Devilishly handsome, gentleman skier Justin Cash..."  Now for the over the top photo.  Seeking help this time from my girlfriend Renee, who held a reflector and hit the shutter we nailed a bunch of funny shots.  I submitted the above photo, below are a few of the outtakes.  Enjoy.

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