Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dave Young, center stage...and Kubas too.

It was real cold here in Vermont the other night. I was sitting on my porch slow sippin a Schaefer tall boy about half way through smoking a 24 pound pork shoulder when it dawned on me that the ski season is right around the corner.  CRYPES!  I had not played nearly enough golf and the trees had started to turn.  But the good side of the cold air creeping in is that it's also time for the first real issues of the ski magazines to be released.  Sure, the first issues had hit the news stands last month, but those are usually filled with buyers guide stuff  and articles on how to get your sorry ass in shape to cross the High T.  Anyway, I just got my new issues of Powder and Skiing.  Two images worth noting.  First off, Dave Young.  We were quietly hoping for an East coast shot in the shooting gallery, but alas we were put in the resort guide article, Powder Magazine, pg 120.  Still a great shot, a little smaller than a 1/2 page sandwiched between blurbs on Cannon Mt. and Mont Tremblant.  Second up, my go to guy, Ben Kubas, Skiing Magazine, pg 4E.  I grabbed this shot of Ben neck deep in Vermont pow, just a couple hours before I nailed Dave's shot.  Once again this East coast shot was delegated to the back of the magazine and my friends west of Cleveland probably won't ever see it.  Two shots, two different magazines, all taken within 5 hours of each other, go figure?
Dave Young, Killington Backcountry.

Ben Kubas, Pico Backcountry.

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