Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I went skiing.

Woke up yesterday to about 2 inches of snow in my backyard.  I guess my hopes for one more week of warm weather went right out the door.  On the other hand, Killington opened last Friday so I guess I could go skiing.  Despite today being a little warmer than yesterday and a considerable "mist" in the air I dusted off my tele-boards, pulled the long underwear out of their storage container, found a coat, loaded the ipod with some Stones and headed up to the "Big K".  I have to give a big thank you to Tom Horrocks and the Killington marketing department for the ticket hook-up.  Seems my pass is a little late in coming this year.  Going up the access road I made a quick stop at Evolution Freeride, Killington's premier freeride ski shop, to see if Ben Kubas was heading up to the hill and if he was, wanted to try to shoot something...anything?  Being the camera whore that I'm thankful he is, he was up for it.  After a little look around the mini park we set up for a few shots on the "big red tube".  Kubas did his best and I tried real hard, but you know sometimes "it's just not working".  The "mist" in the air was getting a little thicker so I called it a day.  The run to the bottom was fun.  The snow was real carvey and fast.  Kubas did a sweet spread eagle, I dropped the knee for all my Utah friends who get a kick out of me tele-in' more than I snowboard and I was back in the car heading home to brine my turkey before you can say ... gobble gobble.

for all those folks in Utah who don't think I went tele-in'

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