Thursday, November 1, 2007

You got any NADS?

The issues keep rolling in and the ski season keeps getting closer and closer.  Killington blew some snow on Monday and are getting geared up to open soon.  In this months instalment of Skiing Magazine I once again have a few images in the "East Scene".  The first is a "East Feature" I shot late last year up at Jay Peak.  The feature covered the final race in the North American Downhill Series. (N.A.D.S.)  NADS is an "open to the public" downhill race.  People of all ages coming out (18-7o) to point it down Jay's downhill course.  Top speed registered: 88mph.
Jay Peak

The next photo published was from the Sunday River Heat Harvest 2.  The HH2 was an invite only park jam.  These kids keep pushing the envelope and were spinning and going huge.  This was my 2nd year at the "harvest" and Alex K. from S.R. puts on a top notch event.

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