Thursday, January 10, 2008

Suicide Six

All that talk and press about how this has been the best start to a ski season ever.  Well Mother Nature gave us a good slap to the face and reminded me that I do in fact live in Vermont.  The last week or so has been horrible.  40's, 50's, even 60's on Tuesday and some good periods of rain.  Oh well.  If you have the need for soft snow, head out to Utah.  Jay at Solitude emailed me to say they have received over 10 feet since Christmas and 2 feet yesterday.  Good for them.  Dragged my ass out of my office and away from the internet for a few hours today to make some turns at Suicide Six right here in my home town of Woodstock. (technically it's Pomfret but...)  How could I not, it was 45, not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind.  Unfortunately the Six only had two trails open so it got a lot boring a little quick.  The good news is that I was one of 7 people skiing.  Brought along my girlfriends little digital point and shoot and took these.  Fun little camera to shoot with and doesn't require a big bulky backpack.  Let's hope for some colder weather and snow!

classic New England

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