Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back East

After a much needed uneventful flight home from Colorado I was enjoying a rest on my couch when I got a call from Kubas.  It was snowing out and he had a hair up his ass to go for a backcountry ski and shoot.  To be honest the last thing on my mind was to put on the ski boots and head out in the wind and snow, but Kubas was hell bent.  I was hell bent on watching golf on TV.  Against my better judgement I grabbed the camera bag, skis, skins and boots and headed up to Killington.  The long and short of it the day went from great to scary (thunder-snow) to deep to scary again (getting to the exit road in the dark) to cold. (having to wait for our ride in the dark while I was very sweaty and wet).  The day was a huge success from a picture standpoint.  I hope to nail a few published images from this afternoon tour.  Enjoy.

nice pole plant by Kubas

about as open as the East gets.

I took this shot at 4:45
and this at 4:47...we still have 45 minutes to get to the pick-up road

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