Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pico Powder

Just a quick write-up as I am heading out to Lake Tahoe this afternoon to shoot a story for Backcountry Magazine.  Got the call from Chris D. to head over to Pico to shoot some skiing and riding last Thursday.  Pico had been closed since the last storm so plenty of powder for all.  I had a good crew in tow, a few old faces and few new.

new face, Katie having some fun.

Peggy making it look deep.

Kubas doing his thing.

We even did the smily group shot.

another type of group shot.

Kubas again doing his thing.

New addition to the fold, VJ rippin it.

Olympian Betsy Shaw making look easy.

Rutland has Smiling Steve...I have Smiling Bret.

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