Monday, March 17, 2008


Lake Tahoe averages 300 hundred days of sunshine a year and I caught 7 of them in a row. Sure, those of us that live in the East who head west to ski always hope for the legendary deep powder the Rockies are known for, but if you don't get the pow you might as well get 7 days of sunshine and 50 degrees...everyday. I was in the Sierra with Backcountry magazine shooting my second feature of the season. I had never been to Lake Tahoe before and I wasn't disappointed. The peaks rise right from the water and the snow was an excellent corn that was soft and warm - almost buttery. Over the seven days spent in the Sierra, two were at a resort, three were in the backcountry touring and one at an environmental center learning about Lake Tahoe and the pressures that population and pollution have had on the lake over the past 100 years. Overall an excellent trip and a bunch of great photos.


Justin R. enjoying the spring corn.
Mike H. heel-side over the lake.
Justin R. free-heelin' over the lake.
Or second day served up some side-country corn complements of North-Star at Tahoe.
Mike H. in the rock-side-country. 
Justin R. with the White Rabbit in the background.
Our 2nd backcountry day was spent sweating it out on Red Lake Peak.
Droppin' in.
Skiing on the moon.
Making use of the one piece of shade.

Studying Mysis-something-or-other at the environmental center.
The lake.
On our final day we had the pleasure to be guided by snowboard legend Jim Zellers.  Zellers making it look easy.
More Zellers.

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