Thursday, April 10, 2008


So a couple a weeks ago probably in a martini induced haze I uploaded two images to a "contest" over on a blog that I read quite often. is a blog written by the former photo editor of Outside and Men's Journal, Rob Haggart.  Rob provides a cool look inside the workings of a major magazine and how the big time editorial photography market clicks down in the BIG city.  So I check back a few days ago and their she is, one of my two images I submitted had made the cut. (I must have been only 50% creative that day)  Very cool.  Rob had a slideshow up and running with the selected images but I guess something went wrong and it's now down.  I'll post again when its up and working so everybody can go check it out.  Here are two screen shots before the slideshow went down.  You can check out the images I entered HERE.

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