Friday, June 20, 2008

Jay Peak Golf.

For those who might care, Vermont Golf Magazine just came out.  I have a few photos published with an article on the Jay Peak Golf Course.  I've had Jay Peak as a client for a while now and have had the opportunity to shoot the course even before they had finished building it.   Shooting Jay's course is always fun.  I drive up the night before and get out on the course to shoot a little and play a little...I wake up before sunrise and hop into my cart and head out to shoot before the grounds-crew even arrives.   The best part about shooting golf courses?  No models, no art directors, just me and the course.  Here are a few pic's from the magazine and a few of my favorites from the course.

the 18th

16th green, 5:00 am

16th green, 5:10 am

11th green, still early

fall foliage and the 15th green

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