Friday, August 8, 2008

Under Stormy Skies.

For those of you who are local you know how much it's been raining. In fact it's rained every day since the 18th of July. Raining so much that rivers are busting their banks and washing out roads all over the state. This morning looked promising for some sunshine and after a quick check of the radar it looked like we might have an hour or two before the rain started again. A quick call to now National Champion Downhiller Ben Kubas and it was on. We were going to be shooting some mountain biking at Killington. I brought my kit of lights and fired away under the constant rumbling of thunder to our south and threating clouds overhead. We didn't stay long because the lights and rain don't mix at all! We did manage to nail a few good shots and we found a few other things we're going to shoot when and if the weather ever breaks. Enjoy a few below.

click on a image to get a BIGGER view.

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