Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Ups and Creating Havoc.

I was swinging through Killington today and noticed all the new collateral is out...trail maps, winter guides etc...  I picked up a few and they all look great.  A whole lot of Bret W. and Kubas enjoying real deep snow from last years stellar season.  Chris D. and his staff went the extra mile with the photography last winter...getting me up to the snowboard park before sunrise with a bunch lights and athletes in tow, getting me two great kids who rip, holding off the opening of Bear Mt so we can shoot powder before the public demolishes it, getting us early ups at Pico after a 14-16 inch dump, to creating havoc at the Wobbly Barn.  I think the results payed off BIG.  Much thanks to Chris D and Killington for the opportunity.

Landed the cover shot on the trail map.  2nd year running.  Bret W. enjoying.

Bret W. even landed a Pico shot inside the trail map.

Kubas getting deep.

Killington is opening a Burton sponsored "stash" park this year.  It's going to be sick!  I saw a stash park out at Northstar-at-Tahoe this past winter and it's just nutz, should be real fun, might even get me back on a snowboard and into the park.  One question, how are they going to blow snow in the woods and get a cat in there?  Humm.

Here is a Burton video from the Northstar-at-Tahoe "stash" park.

and my boy Mike Horn out at the stash park in Tahoe...can you see the resemblance?

Bottom left: Patty D. getting covered while on slalom skis...sick.

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