Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer is gone.

Last post I was wondering if summer was gone, well I'm pretty sure it is.  The second wave of the ski magazines are hitting the newsstands and mailboxes and we're supposed to get the first freeze of the season tomorrow night.  CRYPES!  Just like last year and the year before that I feel like I've missed most of the summer.  Oh well.  In this months Powder Magazine I have two East Coast shots.  One of Ben Kubas from Killington and one from Sunday River.  As a bonus, I got a text from my friend Tim N. from SLC last night saying he saw both images, so they must be running all across the country.  Sweet!  It's funny, both shots are in the "Resort Guide" East Coast section of the magazine and both have West Coast ski area ads to the right of you think Powder is telling me something?  Like I should move back out to Utah for the winter?  Hummm.

Ben Kubas enjoying a very good December '07, Killington, VT.

Unknown skier at Sunday River's Heat Harvest 3.

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Adam Barker said...

Yeah Justin. Way to go buddy. Saw those pics in Powder and was stoked for you.