Saturday, March 28, 2009

Call It. 8:09am, 28th of March, 2009.

I really thought the weather would come around and winter would return.  I mean it's March, it always snows in March, ALWAYS!  Well not this year, not a drop.  After holding on for a few extra weeks I'm officially giving up hope.  With no measurable snow since February 23rd and 10 day forecasts calling for rain and temps in the 50's, winter is over.  Doesn't mean I won't go riding once or twice more to enjoy some corn and sunshine, but it won't be my first choice.  

Below is a shot I took late last summer, something to look forward too.  Silver Lake, Barnard, VT 2008.

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Just don't shoot any newlyweds posing by the lake there... you might chuck your camera in the lake.