Monday, March 9, 2009

Crested Butte flashback.

 A couple of weeks ago I was in Crested Butte, Colorado with writer Mike Horn.  We decided to take an afternoon tour to try to get a few sunset shots and enjoy a couple feet of fresh that had fallen.  After a not so quick skin (sea level lungs trying to work at 12,500ft) up into the Red Lady glades, light was dropping fast so the decision was made to cut the tour short and work the clearing we were in.  Back in the parking lot enjoying a PBR I made quick work and set-up a couple of lights to get a portrait of Mike.
This image of mike slaying a heel-side was shot with my Canon 1D mark 2N, 70-200 f2.8, iso 100, 1/1600 @ 2.8.

The portrait of Mike was shot with my Canon 1D mark 2N, 70-200mm, 1/200 @ f7.1.  I had two Canon 550ex flashes working.  One set up with a white shoot through umbrella positioned in front and camera right of Mike.  The other 550ex flash was bare and positioned behind Mike, camera left.  Both flashes were triggered with pocket wizard transceivers.

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