Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not Giving Up Hope Just Yet.

I was going to start this post with a short video of the pouring rain outside my office this morning - I was going to tell you tales of woe about being a ski photographer living on the East coast - I was going to post a pic of myself drowning my sorrows in a bottle of whiskey with a PBR chaser while watching Hotdog the Movie, but I decided to take a more positive approach.  Instead I went back a few years and dug up some old images of one of the most productive ski photography days I ever had.  Just Kubas and Dave Y in tow - we managed to produce 4 published images, 3 Kubas shots in Skiing magazine and a Dave Y. shot in Powder mag.  

These images were taken, March 17, 2007.  So don't give up East coasters, still plenty of season left.  


Ski Vermont said...

Very nice.
It is sweet, even up to the end.

Garrentee said...

Great attitude cash!!