Sunday, April 26, 2009

Film is Dead to Me...For Now.

So I got a hair up my ass this weekend and pulled all my old film cameras out of storage.  I hadn't held my EOS 3 in at least 2 years - man does that camera feel good in your hands.  I also pulled the old Mamiya out of it's bag and shot a quick 5 black and white Polaroids that were left in the back.  Medium format is so cool, so much nicer than digital, so big looking through the view finder.  But after looking at all the old gear I decided that it was time for it all to go.  With a quick phone call to friend the Mamiya was gone - just like that.  For the 35mm stuff I will be putting the EOS 3 and an old Elan 7 up on EBAY in the next few days.  I will also be getting rid of my 2X tele-converter, I never use the thing and it slows up auto-focus to a snails pace.  

Why get rid of it all?  Down the road here in the next few months I'd like to find an old 4x5 field camera and shoot even bigger film.  I've been really diggin' the look of the big film recently - something about it you just can't duplicate with digital.  Until I find one I'll be rolling all digital.

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