Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Utah.

Since we are in the middle of mud season and there is not a whole lot of photography going on at this very moment I figured I'd add a "Monday Utah" segment to the blog. Each Monday (if I can remember) I'm going to post one new image from my recent participation in the Ski Salt Lake Shootout. This weeks installment is an image I shot to include in the "City Lifestyle" category. After a long and good day in the Brighton backcountry and a quick stop at Molly's to refuel, Jack Nelson, Carlo Travarelli and myself set up a quick shot at the bus station on Wasatch Blvd. at the mouth of the BCC.

For this shot I had one canon 550ex behind the bus shelter pointing up at the sign and one 550ex with a shoot through white umbrella in front and up of Jack and Carlo. Both flashes were triggered with pocketwizards and I believe both were at full power. Shot with my Canon 1D Mark 2N, 1/200 @ f14, canon 70-200 @ 75mm.

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garrentee said...

sweet shot JC