Monday, April 6, 2009

Utah Revisited.

I haven't been shooting much the last few days, been very typical Vermont spring weather - cloudy, not cold enough and rainy.  I was at Okemo last Tuesday to try to get a few more shots to build my magazine stock but the forecast for bluebird skies never materialized.  All the while Utah is having one of the most epic spring storm cycles I've ever read about.  I'm guessing but I would say something like 150-200 inches in about 14 days??  Every time I checked the Alta snow report it would read something crazy like 19" in the last 12 hours.  I became obsessed.  Every morning I would check and every morning for two weeks it would read 10" last 12 hours - 15" last 12 hours - 21" last 12 hours.  Must have been nice.  I'm over it though, winter that is.  I got the final four, opening day baseball, and The Masters weekend on the TV and fishing season begins next week.  

I leave you with a shot of Jack Nelson I took from my recent participation in the Ski Salt Lake Shootout.  I'll try to get more shots from the SSLS posted in the coming weeks.  This image didn't make my final submission for the shootout because of Jack's questionable form, but I really dig the cool contrail and light.  Shot with my Mark 2N, 70-200 @ 155mm, 1/4000 @ f2.8.


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