Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 Stories for 7 Days.

A few weeks ago I went on a 7 Days shooting spree. Four stories in two days. (although one stop covered two stories)

First up was a portrait of local restaurateur Chy Tuckerman, for the "Grilling the Chef" column. Chy owns and operates Angkor Wat, a Cambodian restaurant right here in Woodstock.

Chy Tuckerman of Angkor Wat, Woodstock, Vermont.

Second story was on the efforts to save the local West Rutland landmark, Wilson Castle. You can read the history of the Castle HERE. The Castle is really a cool place to shoot but is definitely suffering from neglect.

Terry Cavacas in front of the Castle. Terry is leading the efforts to restore the Castle.

Third up was a visit to the Chaffee Art Center where I would end up shooting two stories. One was a general profile piece on the Art Center and second was on the new exhibit featuring the original works of Henry Gorski from the personal collection of Dr. Albert Levis.

The Good Doctor and the work of Gorski which was yet to be hung.

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Nice work Mr. Photo journalist....