Thursday, October 18, 2007

Victory is mine!

Back about 7 months at the beginning of spring the Village of Woodstock, where I reside, decided to install a "raised crosswalk/speed bump" in front of my house.  "Huh, what ever," I thought.  Well it turns out that this speed bump is the most noisy piece of blacktop I have ever seen or heard.  As spring gave way to summer and the doors and windows of my home opened to let in the fresh Vermont breezes it became quite clear with every passing truck and car...bump..bump...crash...crash...bump...bump...this speed bump SUCKS and the noise UNBEARABLE!  One night where I might or might not have been hopped up martini's and with the urging of my landlord I penned a letter to the Board of Trustees, Village of Woodstock, requesting the swift removal of the speed bump.  A month later the "matter of the raised crosswalk on River Street" was on the agenda at the monthly Village meeting.  I was present, along with my neighbor, to voice our dislike of the "bump".  With a little debate, and my suggestion to move the "bump" down the road in front of the cemetery where "I didn't think it would bother those folks" a vote was taken and all were in favor to remove the "bump".  Victory was ours!!  It has been about a month and a half since the meeting and just yesterday speed bump was removed.  I am happy to report cars and trucks sail smoothly down my road without even a slight...bump...bump..or..crash...crash.

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