Friday, November 30, 2007


Sunrise over Mt. Olympus from Mike and Patti's porch, January, 2007.

Feeling the doldrums of late November and no snow I grabbed my snowboard and boots and headed to Killington for an afternoon of riding.  No expectations of good riding due to the rain and freezing temperatures we've had the last week or so.  Low and behold, good snow, good light, and good riding.  The snowmaking crew must have been busy because I didn't find any ice and the surface was very carvey and fun.  A bonus, I came home to an email that Northern Vermont is expecting a good sized storm over the weekend and into early next week.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.  

Below find a few pic's of yours truly.  I got to thinking today while taking a ride on the gondola by myself that I spend most of my winter not really skiing but "getting around" shooting other's skiing.

A little place we call the "white room".  photo: J. Robinson
Me trying to ski and make it look deep.  Photo: J. Robinson
Again me skiing.  Photo: J. Robinson

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