Monday, December 3, 2007

Powder Day!!

That storm I talked about last post, well it's hitting New England right as I type.  Woke up to about 4-5 inches on my car this morning.  Man was it nice seeing natural snow again.  Packed up the car, grabbed the cameras, remembered my boots, and headed to Killington to meet up with the one and only Ben Kubas and a new guy from New Hampshire, John DeMasi.  I was there bright and early.  Poked into the marketing department and said hi to all the folks.  Parked close to the gondola, suited up and made my way to meet up with the guys.  Ahhh, the first real day of shooting and it's a pow day...sweet!  Hummm...8:55 and no sign of anyone???  9:00 and no sign of anyone???  They open the lift to the hoots and hollers of the people waiting...and still no sign of anyone.  I call Ben Kubas, he said he was up drinking coffee, I think he was sleeping?  who knows?  fast-forward  It's now 10:45 and I've taken a few runs alone.  I check back at the ticket office where I had left a voucher for John DeMasi, still no sign.  Then my phone rings.  It's John.  He got T-Boned by a Ford Explorer.  He's alright and his car is still operational, but he's going to be busy for the next hour or two dealing with it all.  One man down.  Where the heck is Kubas??  I get a call from him and he's on his way.  He put his car into a ditch but got pulled out...we're meeting at the Snowdon Quad at 11:15.  This is the point where my day turned around.  Tom H. and Chris D. called from Killington Marketing dept. and are wondering if I had gotten anything good so far.  I relay the stories of multiple car issues and how I'll be getting after it soon.  They tell me they would like to use a shot if I get anything good in a postcard they are printing today, mailing tomorrow, and will be in 22,000 mailboxes around Boston Thursday morning.  How cool is that?  Talk about turn-around.  Here are a few shots after Ben Kubas showed up and the postcard that will be arriving shortly.  Enjoy.

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