Monday, June 9, 2008

An Author and a Chef.

Two interesting jobs last week. First job was shooting a book cover for author Herb Kavet. Herb is 71 and more fit than most of us.   His book, Die Young, As Late As Possible, is a guide to staying healthy and fit as you age.  I'll post a link to the book when it's finished.  The second job of the week was for 7 Days, a newspaper based out of Burlington.  They are running a weekly feature called "Grilling the Chef," basically a Q&A with Vermont Chefs but for the photos they are looking for the chefs doing something a little less "chefy".   My subject was Caleb Barber.  Caleb is proprietor and head chef of Pane e Salute right here in Woodstock.  For the portrait I met Caleb at his house in Barnard and took some shots of him in his garden where he grows food for his restaurant.   

Here are a few from the shoots.

Herb Kavet, 71 and fit.

Local Chef, Caleb Barber.

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