Monday, November 3, 2008

New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism.

A couple of winters ago I got a call from an old friend who was working for an agency called Rumbletree based out of Portsmouth, NH. One of their clients is the New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism. Turns out they were looking for some new and fresh ski and snowboarding photography. After a great 2 day shoot at Loon and Cannon mountains and over 3000 frames shot, I wrapped it all up and headed home looking forward to seeing the end product the following year. Well I guess the NH department of travel and tourism doesn't advertise much in my home state of VT...and I never saw one piece from the shoot. I would get calls from friends down in Boston and NYC saying that they had noticed a bunch of my shots on posters, billboards and in subways, but till just the other day I had never seen any of it. A special thanks goes out to Whitney at Rumbletree who sent me a little care package filled with a few samples. Here are a few.

They even made a coffee cup holder.

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