Thursday, November 6, 2008

Highland MTB Park.

A few weeks ago myself, Kubas, Matty Hauke and Vin Quenneville took a little road trip over to NH to shoot some mountain biking at Highland MTB Park.  We had been trying to get over to Highland all summer, but either rain, oppressive heat (we're talking high 90's and heavy humidity = no fun lugging around 50 lbs of photo crap) or conflicting schedules had put the trip on hold, but this day was perfect and the crew was psyched.  Highland is a downhill mountain bikers dream, tons of great trails perfectly manicured.  From tight banked single track to step-ups to 10 foot drops to wall rides to the mother of all drops called Tombstone.  This fucker was rightly named.  Tombstone I'm told might be the biggest drop on the East coast and I'm not going to argue.  First off, to hit this drop, you need to speed down some single track, hop up onto the wooden platform, take a small right turn between two trees, then launch yourself off what must be a 20+ foot drop.  Now if all that doesn't make you soil your pants, the landing is this small 8 foot tall transition.  I mean this landing is tiny, no room for error.  If you hit this thing with to little speed your back tire will get hooked on the top of the tranny and you'll go ass over tea kettle..and God forbid you hit it with to much steam and over shoot the tranny, you end up bottoming out 30 feet below...either option is no bueno and will leave the unlucky rider searching for a new pair of nutz. 

You can check out Highland MTB Park and all it has to offer HERE.

"The Tombstone"

To give it some scale, check out Matty and Kubas near the landing.

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