Monday, December 22, 2008

The East is Alive and Good.

Someone once told me "when the East is skiing good, it's just as good as anywhere".  Now I might debate that a little, but today was one of the days the "East" was good, very good.  In total I would say 24-30 inches over the last 4 days and it's been cold and dry.  The snow was as light and blower as anywhere, even Utah. (to all my Utah friends, I swear it was just as light) Kubas and I received an early-up complements of Chris D. at Killington.  It was mine and Kubas' first time shooting this season and it took a few turns for us to get synched up.  It didn't take long and we managed to get a few fun pow shots before we both had to bail.  Hope to get back out tomorrow for a little touring around Killington and grab a few more pow shots before the holidays.

here are a few:

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