Friday, December 19, 2008

The Stash.

I was back up at Killington this past Thursday.  This time it was to shoot the new Burton Snowboard sponsored terrain park named "The Stash".  The Stash is a little different from other terrain parks in that all 34 features are organic and all-natural.  The place is full of very cool features like tree-jibs, a curved wall ride, and Killington even built a Vermont sugar-shack for riders to jib on.  The addition of this Stash park makes it the fifth of its kind around the world and the first on the East coast.  We had the park all to ourselves as it wasn't opening for the general public till Friday, which made shooting easy and the riders were psyched to pre-session the Stash.  A whole bunch of thanks to Eddie from KMS Snowboarding for his help assisting, the Eastcoast Snowboarding magazine crew who were riding for the camera, and Chris D. from Killington for putting the whole thing on.  I'll have a link to the video from the day soon.  Watch the video HERE, it's very cool and worth a look.

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Anonymous said...

The Stash is soooooo sick gotta hit it up if you have the chance!!