Monday, December 1, 2008

Funny Mount Snow

A few months ago I had one of my images published in SKI magazine as the East Coast opener. Well, I was flipping through the new December issue of SKI and there I was again, right on the East Coast opener. The funny thing is I didn't take the photo but was skiing in it. What makes it really funny is that I'm a snowboarder first and skier out of necessity. Anyway, the story goes like this, 2 years ago I got a call from a fellow photographer, Rob Bossi,  who was in dire need of some models for a photo shoot down at Mount Snow. With nothing going on I loaded up the car, grabbed the girlfriend and headed south. The day was fun and relaxing, mostly because I was riding and skiing without 25 pounds of camera gear on my back.

A view of my best side.

Thats my girlfriend Renee and me in the background wearing the blueberry suit.

Renee and I doing the walk and smile thing.

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