Friday, December 5, 2008

New York Times.

A phone call came in last Monday from New York.  One thing I've learned is always pick up when you get a 212 or any other NY area code, 9 times out of 10 it's going to be a good call to take.  This call was the New York Times looking for images from ski areas in Northern Vermont.  What started as your basic stock sale ended up with me receiving an assignment to shoot skiing.  So last Saturday, fresh off turkey leftovers, I headed north on I-89 and spent the day shooting at Stowe.  The skies started out cloudy and grey, but just as the forecast promised, the grey blew out and the afternoon was full of sun and great light.  You can read the article HERE and see a few extra shots as well.   A special thanks to Karen at the Times who was a big help and even gave me a heads up that one of my images was on the home page at

screenshot of the homepage of the NYT with my shot front and center.

even managed to get a pic of Kubas in the Times.

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