Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Men's Journal Magazine.

This September, I got a call from the photo editor at Men’s Journal, Jennifer Santana, wondering if I wanted to shoot a story at the Craftsbury Sculling Center in Craftsbury, Vermont. Hmmm, I have nothing planned, a big NYC magazine… “Uh yep, I’d love to.” The writer assigned was the boss himself, not Bruce Springsteen, but Brad Wieners, the editor of MJ. Holy Smokes!

Anyway, the shoot went great, (almost sinking a chase boat notwithstanding) and the article is fantastic—I suggest you read it if you get the chance. Brad suggests everyone find a sport for life, one you can go back to not just for nostalgia, but also for the sheer delight in knowing something forward and backward. For me, that would be snowboarding. I have been riding since 1985, and it's just what I do when it gets cold. Sure, as I get older, I'm not racing for the last chair at 3:59, nor do I understand the youth culture that goes along with the sport these days. But just yesterday, I cruised around Killington, Vt. on my old, beat-up snowboard, just to get outside and do something that I know... just because.

You can read the article HERE or view the slideshow HERE.

On the cover was one cool hand.

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