Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to the Stash.

When my car's temp gauge read -7 this morning while heading up to Killington I started to question my decision to go photograph again in the new Burton Stash park.  But this time around it was going to be a little special.  Burton was sending a handful of pro riders the likes of Dave Downing, Yale Cousino and the Mindnich brothers.  Turns out the forecasts of doom, gloom and hell freezing over were slightly exaggerated.  The temps bumped into the high single digits and it was delightful to be outside and shooting such a high talent level.  

Nils Mindnich.

Nils again.

Yale Cousino.

Yale again.

Yale again.

Dave Downing.

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ABE said...

First photo of Hans' tap out on that pole jam is prime time! -blatt...