Monday, January 12, 2009

Pasture Skiing.

Pasture skiing?  WTF is pasture skiing?  Think mid-80's snowboarding on golf courses or sledding a steep hill behind your high school.  Pasture skiing is an ugly but fun cousin of the two.  Yesterday, while the NY Giants were getting a beat down from the Eagles, Kirk K., Poli N. and myself ventured out for an afternoon of good old fashion Vermont pasture skiing.  It was a blast, the snow was really good and I brought along my camera just in case something presented itself.  Well I'm glad I bothered because it was a really cool location and the light was great.  

Poli N. getting deep in the pasture's crop.

Kirk K. plowing the field.

The proper way to farm a pasture.

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Garrentee Photography said...

Dude those are sick shots!! B&W were a perfect choice!!