Thursday, January 22, 2009


I forgot to mention (insert shameless plug here) in my last post about another image I have published in the February issue of Backcountry.  Last March while working on the Lake Tahoe feature, Mike Horn and I took a day off to explore the side-country of one of Lake Tahoe's fine resorts, Northstar.  This place is great, everything that this East Coaster would want from an out west resort, wide open steep groomers when you need to open it up, terrain parks a plenty including a Burton Stash park and side-by-side half pipes, and easily accessed side-country.  Armed with our personal guide for the day, Marine Sergeant Vince Arthur, who happens to also be the Patrol Director,  we made numerous laps like a yo-yo, in and out of bounds, enjoying some sweet sun soaked spring corn.  As Mike mentions in the article, after a day of serious vertical, the kind only side-country laps can provide, we rested with what might have been the best village margarita ever had.

Here is a tear from the magazine and a few "outs".  Enjoy.

Sergeant Vince Arthur with side-country zone called "White Rabbit" in the background.

Reyher with some late day kernels.

Horn, in the White Rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to share how you access White Rabbit? I have been a Northstar pass holder for the past 2 seasons, but I have never heard of White Rabbit before. Is it part of Sawtooth Ridge?

-Cash said...

I wish I could help you out, but to be honest I really don't remember. That day we had a tour guide who is also the head of ski patrol. Maybe pop into a patrol shack and ask, I'm sure they would point you in the right direction.