Friday, February 6, 2009

End of an Era.

A lot of strange things and weird happenings have occurred over the last 10 years that have shaped my photography career.  Two of the more influential would be meeting Ben Kubas and the December, 2003 issue of Skiing Magazine.  You see, it was Ben who graced my first ever real published ski photo in that December issue of Skiing - full page and all!  I can say if it wasn't for that picture I'm not sure I would have continued shooting ski action and pursue the "getting published" game.

It's been five years since that image of Ben was published.  From there Ben and I have managed to get published in every ski magazine imaginable, from double page spreads in Powder, full pages in Ski, Skiing, Freeskier, Ski Journal, Outside and even this past December a spot in the New York Times.  And we did it all from right here on the East Coast.  I would dare anyone to find a more published or older athlete from New England - and I'm not talking about some name who gets a few sponsors and moves to Mammoth, but an athlete who was shot in New England!

The whole reason for this post is to give a huge THANKS to Ben for being the hardest working athlete I'll ever meet.  Ben's excitement to get out and get a few shots when I was glued to my couch, bringing ideas to the table when things were getting stale and always paying close attention to every detail.  It's that work ethic (yeah I said that, Ben and work ethic in the same sentence) that separates Ben from other wanna-be athletes.

Ben is moving today for the other coast, Oregon to be more specific.  I told him he needed to find a replacement before he left, but in typical Kubas fashion he didn't.  Maybe some young gun will drive up the access road - 20 min late - and take over for Ben, but I'm not holding my breath.  We've been through a lot my friend, that trip to the hospital which made shooting skiing not fun, to the better times, those trips to Utah, skinning a mountain in a thunder-snow storm, finishing tours in the dark and a temp of -5, to jumping off condo's after a few pitchers of Utah near-beer.  

Good times my friend, good times.

Drive safe and we'll see you in August.

The page that started it all.  Skiing Magazine, December 2003.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss that crazy bastard at least as much as you. Ben never furthered my career and he certainly cost me more money than he ever made me. But there's no one I'd rather have with me when I'm: lost in the woods, in a bicycle race, at a strip club, on a road trip, schralping powder, on a bender, or just plain trying to get through the day. Safe travels brother Ben.

-Cash said...

Well said my friend. I have to say that today was a great way to send him off. Did he ever come up with a name for that fucker? If he doesn't we'll just call it the Kubas, like, "hey - whadda you guys going to ski today? Ah, we're thinking about skinning out and rippin' a Kubas."