Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Powder Magazine Correction.

In an ongoing effort to supply my readers with shameless plugs about my work, I bring you this months installment of Powder Magazine. (Feb. 2009 issue)  Derek Taylor wrote an excellent piece on New England tree skiing.  I highly recommend reading it if you are at all interested in this kind of skiing.  This topic received a whole ton of press a few years back when the actions of two idiots caused quite a stir up at Jay Peak.  You can read about it HERE.  Anyway, the feature is a collaboration of not just my photography but the photography of two others, Nate Abbott and Lenny Christopher.

This is where I feel like I need to correct the fellas over at Powder.  My images are captioned "Killington Backcountry, Vermont".  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  I've been living in and around Killington for over 10+ years now and the only backcountry I know of is off the Rutland side of Pico in some low angle birch glades. (nothing special)  I've been out to Coopers cabin and scoped out the woods between Killington and Pico, but for the life of me, if there is any tree skiing, I sure don't know of it?  I know lots of people who have heard about some trails that were cut years ago and spit you out behind the Diamond Run Mall, but I've never seen this magical zone.  Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough?   

My image of the skin track (middle) was shot just north of Okemo in a little zone Dave Y., Kubas and I like to ski from time to time. The second photo (right) of Kubas was shot last February up at Sugarbush in the Slidebrook area. Sugarbush offers guided tours of the area, but the drainage is a no brainer and spits you out at a bus stop for an easy lift back to your rig.

Remember: If you need to flag it - you don't deserve it.

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