Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So after a quick couple of hours on my couch catching up on some much needed relaxation I got a call from some friends who were headed to Mt Snow for a rare Sun-Tue visit.  With a free place to stay and a guarantee of some cold ass martini's I packed the truck and headed out the door.  While I was down there the weather was just OK, so shooting on the hill wasn't happening.  Did manage to get a cool shot of the mountain under some soft afternoon light.  After catching up with great friends I bolted to Killington Tuesday morning for a meeting with Chris D.  Seems we were getting a couple of sunny bluebird days.  With the sun getting higher in the sky and the light warmer we pulled the trigger on a shoot today and tomorrow.  Today was a quick hit with me spending the morning with two great female snowboard models and the afternoon with a great snowboard couple.  Tomorrow is the big family day shoot.  I have 3 kids and two sets of parents showing up for an all out shooting fest.  Should be fun.  Kids always bring the energy and fun to what sometimes can become a little tedious.  I'll get some shots up from today and tomorrow later in the week.

here is the warm shot of Mt Snow.  Shot with my Mark 2N, 17-35mm, f2.8.

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