Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back Home.

So it seems after reading countless other action sports and lifestyle photographer blogs whenever you travel you MUST take a few shots in the airport. So I snapped this one, I think in SLC.

After two and a half weeks traveling through Colorado and Utah I'm finally home. It took me 18+ hours to get here, but home nonetheless. After a hungover but smooth start at the SLC International airport, the stop in Chicago proved to be the killer. An hour and a half delay there started a chain reaction of events - late arrival in Boston and me missing my 4:55 and 6:55 bus ride to Vermont. Lucky for me there was one last bus at 8:55. With a little under two hours to kill I found the one last airport bar open and sucked down a couple of 24oz Harpoon IPA's and as a bonus, on the TV was an old 1976 Yankee game.

The two plus weeks on the road were hectic. Managed to work on three features, two for Backcountry Magazine as well as a spec piece on Colorado ski towns. Even pulled together a small side-country piece for Backcountry as well - and all that before I even hit Utah. Utah was a blast. Participating in the shootout was more fun and a little more stressful than expected. The snow, although great from an East coast perspective, didn't quite live up to the standards of "the greatest snow on earth" but myself, the other seven photographers and all the athlete/models made the best of it and came away with countless great images. In the end I didn't win any cash for my images but did manage to sneak in a couple of 3rd places in the air and mt lifestyle categories, which was nice.

When it was all said and done I managed to;

spend nights in 6 different hotel rooms and beds

in 5 different towns (Crested Butte, Breckenridge, Silverton, Telluride, back to Crested Butte, Salt Lake City)

skied 7 different resorts - Crested Butte, Breck, Silverton, Solitude, Brighton, Alta, Snowbird.

boarded 5 different planes.

drove 2 rental cars.

shelled out $80 in baggage fees along with a $70 upgrade to first class.

spent $100 in shipping boxes to and from the office.

drank 42 PBR's (guessing on that one, good chance more)

and snapped off 3,109 images.

In the next week I hope to report more on the shootout and maybe post some of my images, so check back from time to time.

Here are a few more airport shots. sorry if I broke protocol and didn't convert to B&W.

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