Monday, March 23, 2009

The US Open.

With snowboarding on the brain and no new powder to speak of I headed down to Stratton to check out the US Open.  It's been years since I've bothered to go shoot the event, but with sunshine and warm temps on call I figured this one shouldn't be missed.  The pipe was a little tricky to shoot do to the limitations of my press pass.  They had 6 photo-pits set up to shoot from and they all seemed to be in the wrong places.  Not a big deal, I roamed around shooting second angles and lifestyles and took in a whole bunch of sick snowboarding.  Kudos goes out to Burton and Stratton, they always seem to get it right and this year was no exception.

Here are a few from the Open.  All were shot with either a Canon 1D Mark 2N or a Canon 5D.  Lenses used were: 17-35mm, 70-200mm, 15mm(fisheye), and a 45mm tilt-shift.  Processing was done in Apple Aperture and Photoshop.  As always, click on an image to view bigger.

The scene.

Kevin Pearce tow-side slash.




Old School - holding up the board - sweet!

Kevin Pearce again I think, with what was the most boned air I saw all day.


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