Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon.

Wednesday night it snowed. It snowed 3 inches of the wettest most heavy crap I've ever seen. Anyway, after a cloudy Thursday the "storm" and I use that word very loosely, blew out and Friday was looking like a big sunny day.  Chris D from Killington fame called to see if we could put together a shoot to try to capture what might be the last little bit of snow on the trees. Sure? After numerous calls to many models, most couldn't make it, a few committed and at 7:15 this morning a solid crew of 7 met up at the upper admin building of Killington to sign releases and "get coated" and off we went for an early snowmobile ride to the peak for some sunrise groomer shooting.

Here is an early outtake that is kinda cool.  Matty H. rockin a new Bonfire outfit.

Canon Mark 2N, Fisheye, iso 100, 1/4000 @ 2.8

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garrentee said...

A little out of focus isnt it? lol