Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trying to Keep the Faith.

So my hope for one more blast of winter is slipping away as quickly as the March days.  Trying not to revert back into my whiskey/PBR/Hotdog the Movie depression from last week, this afternoon I put off what I should be doing and pulled up some images from Jay Peak, March 21, 2006.  One of the more deeper days I can remember at Jay.  In spots it was 3 feet deep, maybe more.  It was myself, Kubas, Anthony Bacon (he was filming a ski movie) and Brian Keet from Jay doing Beyond Beaver Pond laps all day.  I do have to correct a previous blog entry at this time as well, this day at Jay Peak is my most productive from a getting published standpoint.  

Keep the faith East Coasters!

Kubas, Published in Ski and the New York Times.

Ben Kubas, Published in Ski and Outside.

Brian Keet, Published in Freeskier and Ski and numerous Jay Peak brochures.

Kubas, published in The Ski Journal and Outside.

Kubas published in Skiing.

Brian Keet, published in Backcountry Photo Annual.

 Kubas got the cover of Vermont Ski & Ride, which we never got paid for, cheap F*&%ers.

And just in case you are still with me, here is the trailer for the ski movie Anthony Bacon was filming while we visited Jay Peak.  The movie "A New Dawn" was release in the Fall of 2007. At minute mark 1:54 is the start of Kubas intro and at mark 1:58 is a quick clip from the Jay Peak powder day - and if you really care, take a close look at mark 2:13, the small little photographer hiding behind the cornice is yours truly.

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