Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tan and Handsome.

The weekend came and went, the sun was strong and the temps warm.  I'm definitely a whole lot tanner and some might argue more handsome.  Spent the entire weekend hanging around Bear Mt at Killington watching some of the best halfpipe and park snowboarders compete in the US Grand Prix of Snowboarding.  After a great Monday kinda off from taking pic's at Mt Snow with Chris D. and Chandler B. I was back at it today with a full day studio shoot over at Advanced Animations.  I'll post a few from the studio shoot when I get the A-OK from the guys.

Here are a few out-takes from the pipe and park contests.

Canon 5D, 1/4000@2.8, 17mm.

Canon 1D Mark 2N, 1/5000@2.8, fisheye.

Canon 5D, 1/5000@2.8, fisheye.

Canon 5D, 1/5000@2.8, fisheye.

 Canon 1D Mark 2N, 1/5000@2.8, 115mm.

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