Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Ski Stoke.

A ski magazine in my mailbox? It's late June. What? Did it get lost back in March and only now get delivered? Nope. That's how The Ski Journal brings it. Quarterly ski stoke delivered directly to your door - even in mid summer. While most folks are mountain biking, fly fishing, surfing and golfing, there is a select group of us out there who no matter how much fun summer can be we would trade it for one run down a 3000 foot vertical face with 24 inches of blower.

Last spring The Ski Journal sent me to Moretown, Vermont to shoot a very local ski area named Cosmic Hill. You won't find Cosmic on any map or Ski Vermont website. You won't see anyone sporting an old lift ticket from Cosmic on a vintage '82 CB Sports red with blue stripe jacket either. You see, Cosmic Hill is Peter Avidesian's personal ski area. Yep, right there in his backyard is a T-Bar and 175 feet of vertical bliss. Peter even manufactures his own snowmaking guns just in case mother nature doesn't provide enough of the goods. My day there proved to be a perfect spring afternoon (although it was very early March - much to early for a spring day) and the skiing was fun. Even after I finished shooting I asked Peter to keep the lift spinning for an extra couple of laps.

The tear from the magazine.

Portrait of Peter A. and his bullwheel, which happens to be located in his driveway.

Justin R. enjoying the T-bar.

You are the liftline when it's your own personal ski area.


Anonymous said...

The Ski Journal is my favorite mag, thanks for the heads up on the summer issue. Guess its time for me to subscribe. Speaking of flyfishing. I did hear this crew has a new pub in the works. The Flyfish Journal.

-Cash said...

I heard they might have a new pub in the works covering fly fishing. If it is anything like their ski mag it should be awesome. Look forward to it.