Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Promo Book 2009.

My new promo book arrived the other day and I have to say it looks sweet. From the paper the pages were printed on to the cover lamination - it's all top quality. I do have a few changes I need make - tweak some of the colors and swap out a few images that just don't work well with the flow. I'm also adding very small location captions for those who might be interested where the image was shot. These books aren't necessarily cheap ($40) so I won't be sending out hundreds, but a few select marketing managers, art directors and photo editors will be getting them...in hopes that they will flip through at least a few pages before "properly filing it away".

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Anonymous said...

put me down for one of those photo books. I might not be an 'editor' (or even gainfully employed for that matter) but I'd be proud to sport your book on my bookshelf (between mad magazine and tv guide!)